About Us

ELN is the leading dedicated energy news site in the UK. Its mix of daily text stories and creative tv is award winning. It makes energy issues easy to understand and appeals to both the b2b sector and casual reader. It is independent and was created in 2010 to bring to life the important issues around all kinds of energy.

We use TV and text through our website to communicate to the business energy sector a snapshot of what is important. We are an accredited Google news site with a huge subscriber base and our readership is growing monthly at a rapid pace.

Our TV is of broadcast quality and award winning.

Our team of young journalists and camera crews actually go out and newsgather rather than rehashing press releases. We cover all forms of energy and cover stories both in the UK and internationally.

We are independent, fair and outspoken in our coverage and we aim to be the place to come to for easy to understand energy news.

ELN also has an events arm with our annual Energy Live conference in November. Each year we have had huge names including Energy Ministers, other leading politicians, CEOs of Big Six suppliers, celebrities and industry experts.

And every June we run our special awards night for the energy consultants the ENERGY LIVE CONSULTANCY AWARDS which have proved credible and much sought after accolades.

We also create bespoke events and filmed content on demand.

ELN has a unique reach and uses creative marketing and communication to allow our sponsors to reach the influencers in the energy world.

Our aim is to make energy easy for all to understand as we believe it is a vital issue of economic, political and social importance. The learning site is the epitomy of that, we want you to know about energy in a way that is easy to digest and practical in nature.

If you want to know more or if you have a story you think we should run, call us on 020 8815 9222 or email [email protected]

ELN is a limited company incorporated in England & Wales.

Company Number: 07209102

VAT Number: 988 8336 42